Eagles Nest Community Church

Meet The Staff

Sr. Pastors Barbara & Boyd Kirby

Barbara Madeline Kirby and her husband Boyd Kirby have been Pastors at Eagles Nest Community Church since 2004. 


Barbara came from a life of tragedy.  She was married at age 15 and had 6 children before she was 23 years old. Her first marriage was one of abuse and sorrow.  She did not know the Lord at that time and lived a life of sin and shame.  She finally left her first husband and married another man who was the father of two of her children, a set of twins.  This was her last pregnancy.  Only one of the twins lived. Three of her babies died during infancy.   This second husband died unexpectedly a year after they married as a result of a Myocardial Infraction.  After the loss of her second husband, John Evans, Barbara began turning to the party life trying to fill the void in her heart and became an alcoholic.  At the peak of her addiction, she began drinking a quart of scotch a day.  She met her 3rdhusband, Boyd Kirby, in a night club. A man who she worked with,  who was a born again Christian,  had been witnessing to her and praying for her during this time period.  Under great conviction Barbara believed that God was telling her to get married and settle down or she would lose her life and her soul due to the destructive life style she was involved in.  She married Boyd Kirby in 1975 who was a Master Sergeant in the Air Force at the time.  She then decided to attend church with the co worker who persistently witnessed to her and invited her to go to church.  When she attended church with her co-worker on September 19, 1976, she gave her life to the Lord. 


Within another year after Barbara gave her life to the Lord, Boyd also became a born again Christian and they both turned from the party life and sought out a church where the Word of God was preached.  They sat under the covering of Wally and Marilyn Hickey Ministries for seven years, where they became grounded in the word, their whole lives having changed.  


In 1994 the Lord spoke to Barbara and told her he was planting her as a pastor in the Denver area.  Barbara is now the preacher at Eagles Nest, which ministers to the lost, the hurting and the broken.   Both Boyd and Barbara believe that Jesus Christ did not come for the Righteous but for the Lost and open their arms to all.  Boyd has been the pillar of Eagles Nest Community Church and the covering over Barbara in supporting the “Preaching of the Word” and the ministry God has called them to.  



Barbara’s motto is “Who is man (me) that God would be mindful of him, (me)”.  Barbara has attended numerous ministry classes and has been an avid studier of the Word of God.  Their goal is to bring hope to the lost and their desire is to be a “Soul Winning Church”!